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How to Use the Scribble Effect in Illustrator

In this video, you will start using the Scribble Effect in...


026 scribbles

Using the Rotate and Scale Tools in Illustrator

In this video, you will learn the benefits of using the Rotate and Scale...


014 rotate scale

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Recommended Tutorials

13: Cannon Enemy and Final Boss

In this tutorial, we add the cannon enemy and final boss to the game....

Flash® Game Design


Working with Particles in Unity

In this video, you will learn about the power of particles in Unity.


unity level 6

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App Development


iOS: iPhone & iPad

When Apple released the iPhone, mobile apps took the world by storm and, in many ways, changed it forever. Today Apple offers powerful development tools for creating apps such as Xcode® and Cocoa®. These tools allow you to design apps for mobile platforms such as the iPhone and iPad as well as applications for Mac computers. Collectively, this type of development falls under the umbrella of iOS development. These are advanced concepts that are best suited for students who already have a foundation is programming. If that sounds like you, then we have just one question: once you learn iOS development, what is going to be the first app you sell on iTunes?

Platform Compatibility: Mac

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Minecraft is the 3D sandbox game that has taken the world by storm! This engaging, exciting game immerses players in a world where creations are limited only by imagination! Students can spend hours and hours playing Minecraft without even realizing that they are actively improving their reading and social skills, in addition to learning engineering and computer science concepts! Beginners can take a crash course in survival mode or jump right into learning about Redstone circuitry — the key component in creative engineering in the Minecraft world. Intermediate and advanced students can take advantage of Minecraft’s open source model, making the game their own and advancing their Java skills though Minecraft modding! If you can dream it, you can do it! So come on in and explore our Minecraft tutorials!

Platform Compatibility: Windows and Mac

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Software Development



Did you know that Java is the most in-demand programming language on the job market today? Did you know that it has been for quite some time? Java is an object-oriented programming language that was designed to be simple yet robust, making it a great choice for the aspiring programmer. In fact, the language is so widely used and popular, it is the chosen language for the Advanced Placement Computer Science test offered by the college board. From game development to medical 3D imaging to business applications, if you can conceive it, Java can do it!

Platform Compatibility: Windows

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Web Programming



PHP is a "server-side" programming language that is used on nearly every website you see. In fact, PHP is running this website right now! PHP's primary implementation is for developing "dynamic" webpages, where there is much more going on than meets eye – PHP's true strengths are what you don't see! Database architecture, geo-location targeting, content management systems… you name it, with PHP you are playing with power. Moreover, there are dozens of positions for PHP programmers on the job market. Get a leg up with our tutorials today and be an elite PHP guru tomorrow! Or maybe next week!

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